Three footed Ben

This little donkey arrived last week. He had been damaged in an accident and being unable to work was cast out. He is eating well and I hope that I can get help for his hoof. He would not be expected to do anything but we might go for walks to keep him (and me) mobile. He is responding to my voice and is bright and unlike previous rescued donkeys, young.


After computer problems, solar power problems and connection problems I had almost given up on my blog . Some days something unusual seems to happen here on others its just heat and dust but I do want to capture some of the experiences. For instance this morning I was up before dawn on water duty as it only arrives every other night for a few hours so the containers have to be filled. I was on my second trip down to the tap when I noticed something. For those who remember ‘The Godfather’ they will recall the horror of a dead horse’s head. The are not many horses around here but the next best thing was a donkey head. No, not my lovely Ben but a grey one. I did not hear the dog pack in the garden last night so either Palmy dragged it here or someone dislikes me. I prefer to think it was Palmy. Said head has been buried by Ali a good distance from the house.