After computer problems, solar power problems and connection problems I had almost given up on my blog . Some days something unusual seems to happen here on others its just heat and dust but I do want to capture some of the experiences. For instance this morning I was up before dawn on water duty as it only arrives every other night for a few hours so the containers have to be filled. I was on my second trip down to the tap when I noticed something. For those who remember ‘The Godfather’ they will recall the horror of a dead horse’s head. The are not many horses around here but the next best thing was a donkey head. No, not my lovely Ben but a grey one. I did not hear the dog pack in the garden last night so either Palmy dragged it here or someone dislikes me. I prefer to think it was Palmy. Said head has been buried by Ali a good distance from the house.


About Duna Taylor

I have lived on the edge of the Moroccan Sahara for the past eleven years. It is a world in transition and I find myself viewing and even being part of the changes. I want to record some of this . Always my question is ' who is the happiest them or us?.

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